The Bathroom is the Last Thing to Renovate

You can always find stuff to do and I just have to walk out the back door to see what I would really like to do with the backyard. However the kitchen is done and the floors have been refinished. That was a bigger priority than it should have been because there were places where some clown had really botched the task of refinishing them. At any rate I am going to replace the vanity myself, I have helped friends do it and think I will do a good job. I am looking for a shower enclosure installer in NJ right now as I am pretty sure that is the sort of job that I could really screw up if I was to try to do it myself. The one that Jeanie picked out is really quite expensive and so I do not want to take any chances for that reason as well.

She wants to rip out the closet in the bathroom and put up some sort of movie star type dressing room I guess. It makes no sense to me and she gave it up when they told her what it would cost us to put it in. Of course I would not object if she had some place else to put the thing that she uses now. It is quite large and consumes a good deal of the space in the bathroom. I want to make a budget that makes sense and stick to it, otherwise you end up on a slippery slope and nothing good ever comes of that. I really would like to get started on the backyard, but that is going to have to wait awhile. The money is not going to go into the house now that it is basically the way we want it, other stuff is going to take priority.

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