I Forgot About the Money

I installed Bitcoin Era app on my phone a while ago, but I didn’t really use it much because I was too busy with other things. I just bought some bitcoin one day and left it in my wallet. When I learned that the price of bitcoin had went up to $19,000, I frantically opened the app and looked at how much money I had in bitcoin. I nearly fainted when I saw how much money I had. I wasn’t rich, but I sure had a lot more money than I did before. I sold almost all of my bitcoin through the app as quickly as possible.

The money that I got from the bitcoin trades couldn’t have come at a better time. I really needed the money to buy some items for my family for the holidays, and a few things for myself. The new gaming consoles were on the horizon, and they were selling for around $500. I placed a pre-order for them because I knew that they would be a hot commodity, and that scalpers would do everything they could to get their hands on one and sell it at twice the price. I probably could have made some money by doing that and then using the profits to buy more bitcoin, but I think it’s too much of a hassle.

The reason I didn’t completely sell all of my bitcoin is because I expect the price to rise a little bit more, and I wanted to have something in my wallet to take advantage of that. I don’t expect the price to jump up another $10,000, but I think it will go up another $1,000 or so. I’ve also used the app to invest in some of the other digital currency that has seen a rise in price.

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